Victoria's Vital Signs Final Report

Victoria’s Vital Signs Survey Results 2021

Victoria’s Vital Signs is an annual check-up that measures the vitality of the city, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades on areas critical to the quality of life in Greater Victoria. With the use of both grading scales and comment sections, the survey provides insight into what is (or isn’t) working and why.

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There were two types of survey participants:

  • Those who volunteered to take part in the survey which was open to all interested individuals in the Greater Victoria Area.
  • Those who are a part of Leger’s proprietary LEO research panel in the Greater Victoria Area.

The web-based survey addressed 13 key areas:

    • Arts & Culture
    • Belonging & Engagement
    • Economy
    • Environmental Sustainability
    • Getting Started in our Community
    • Health & Wellness
    • Housing
    • Learning
    • Safety
    • Sports & Recreation
    • Standard of Living
    • Transportation
    • Impact of COVID-19