Intimate Partner Violence Victims


Intimate partner victims of police-reported violent crime and traffic offences causing bodily harm or death, by gender of victim, expressed as a rate per 100,000 population.

Methods and Limitations:

Intimate partner victims include individuals aged 15 years and older who were victimized by current and former legally married spouses and common-law partners. Also includes victims aged 12 years and older of all current and former boyfriends and girlfriends and other intimate relationships (i.e., persons with whom the victim had a sexual relationship but to which none of the other relationship categories apply).

In general, for police-reported incidents that involve violations against the person, a victim record is collected for each victim involved in the incident. If an individual is a victim in multiple incidents in the same reference year, that individual will be counted as one victim for each separate incident. Victim age is calculated based on the end date of an incident, as reported by the police. Some victims experience violence over a period of time which may be considered by the police to be part of one continuous incident and are counted as a single victim.

Rates for total victims are based on populations aged 12 years and older. Rates for victim age and gender groups are calculated based on 100,000 population in each age and gender group.

Data are from the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR2) Trend Database, which contains historical data that permit the analysis of trends since 2009 in the characteristics of incidents, and accused and victim characteristics, such as age, gender and accused-victim relationship. This database includes respondents accounting for 99% of the population of Canada.

The option for police to code victims as “gender diverse” in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Survey was implemented in 2018. Given that small counts of victims identified as “gender diverse” may exist, the UCR aggregate data available to the public has been recoded to assign these counts to either “male” or “female” to ensure the protection of confidentiality and privacy.


Statistics Canada. Table 35-10-0202-01 Intimate partner and non-intimate partner victims of police-reported violent crime and traffic offences causing bodily harm or death, by age and gender of victim

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