Victoria's Vital Signs Segmentation Report

Victoria’s Vital Signs Survey Segmentation 2021

Segmentation Analysis Methodology

A segmentation analysis was conducted on the sample (n=3264) using Q software. This analysis was performed using a statistical technique known as Latent Class Analysis. This analysis looks for response patterns within the data and uses this to cluster the sample into groups of like-minded individuals based on their responses to key questions. Fit-statistics help to determine the best model for the data (i.e., number of segments that emerge).

The analysis revealed 5 groups with varying quality of life and demographics:

  • Later-Life Contents: 22% of respondents
  • Still-Working Victorians: 34% of respondents
  • Young Workers: 14% Settled Victorians
  • Pandemic-Impacted Victorians: 21% of respondents
  • Disenfranchised: 9% of respondents

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