Community in Focus: Belonging & Engagement


A survey of 757 non-profits in BC, including 59 in the capital region, revealed that the majority of organizations are feeling overwhelmed and under pressure.

Safety Net: 2023 State of BC’s Non-Profit Sector provides a temperature check on the sector and presents an analysis of the current contexts for non-profits operating on the ground in different regions of BC.

The report indicates that non-profits are doing more to meet increasing program and service demands from communities, while also doing more to take care of staff with increased wages and benefits. Over 75% of respondents report increasing demands for service, and 76% of respondents report increasing salaries and benefits for staff.

However, revenues are staying the same as expenses are going up – 83% of respondents reported higher overall expenses. While there is a sense of stabilization in the sector, organizations are concerned about sustainability in the face of increasing costs and staffing pressures.

The State of the Sector report series is a collaboration between Vantage Point, Vancouver Foundation, the City of Vancouver and the Victoria Foundation. Vancity Community Foundation and United Way BC joined the partnership in 2023.

Source: Vantage Point